A few years back we discovered a very handy product called Cel-fi which essentially finds any available mobile phone signal and then BOOSTS it to improve the quality and reliability of the signal. There are different types of units that suit different circumstances including boosting a signal:
  • Inside a home or building
  • Across a defined area (such as a farm)
  • Inside a vehicle as a mobile solution 
you can find a stack of additional information about how and where it's used here: https://cel-fi.com/solutions/
We're selling large numbers of these systems to local businesses, farmers, fleet managers and members of the public and, from the feedback we've been receiving, we know how effective this system is. Please speak to one of the team in our retail operation if you'd like to know more.
More recently, we've started to sell another product called Celferno
which is a fixed, outdoor wireless devise that uses the 4G network to
improve internet connections in remote areas and addresses the growing
trend (internet-of-things) of running specific applications remotely such
as irrigation pumps, security systems and even point-of-sale payments.
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commercial about Cel-fi & Celferno!