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LG has been manufacturing electrical goods since 1958 and have one of most stringent quality control procedures of any manufacturing business in the world. In Australia LG has offices in every mainland city and the Australian solar unit is based in Sydney.

LG solar panels are manufactured in a fully automated manufacturing facility in South Korea and come with a 12 year parts and labour product warranty and 25 year performance warranty held here in Australia by LG Electronics.

LG has been in solar research since the mid 1980s. Module production started in 2009 and the manufacturing process is vertically integrated which means that LG undertakes and controls every production stage from sourcing the silicon to manufacturing the cells and the modules. Overall over 500 quality control processes are being used to build each PV solar panel from scratch.

LG has a network of authorised LG Solar Dealers around Australia dealing with LG solar directly. LG applies strict criteria for selecting their dealers including a code of conduct. We are proud to say that solar Mad has been an authorised LG Solar dealer for many years and are in the top five dealers in NSW.

We recommend LG panels for the very simple reason that they are so reliable and extremely efficient and, in our opinion, represent the best value for money.

In order to be sold in Australia solar modules have to be tested and pass the IEC standard test. LG solar panels are tested up to four times the IEC standard for most tests, ensuring a very robust and long lasting solar module. LG has its own state-of-the-art intensive testing photo-voltaic testing laboratory certified by both TÜV and UL as testing under world class conditions. LG are the only solar manufacturer to obtain this dual certification.


The LG NeON solar module range offers excellent performance from low light to peak sun.The new, premium NeON panels are LG’s most efficient solar panel, optimizing roof space and producing more electricity than standard mono-crystalline modules.

LG panels are well suited to our local conditions ....
Summers in the Riverina, MIA and south west of NSW are hot and they're only getting hotter. A 40°C day can see solar panel temperatures as high as 90°C. Cheaper panels are only tested up to 85°C, while LG panel are tested to 90°C. Solar panels slowly lose their ability to generate power as they get hotter, which means for cheaper panels a significant performance loss from a 30°C summer day to one where temperatures
hit over 40°C. LG NeON panels 
have one of the best temperature
performance characteristics,
which means even in very high
temperatures they will deliver
higher output than other panels. 
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Check out this video to hear from other Australians who recently decided to choose LG panels for their home, business or farming operation.
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Suntech is an industry leading solar manufacturer owned and operated by SCFE, the world’s leading integrated clean energy solution provider.


Given its diverse clean energy portfolio, its financial 'bankability', viability and diversification are considered highest within the renewable sector.


Since 2001 Suntech has produced industry-leading solar modules for residential, commercial and utility applications.


Suntech has delivered over 30 million panels or over 20 GWs of installed capacity in more than 80 countries. In Australia, from 2001 to 2019, Suntech shipped over 2.8 million high-quality PV panels.


Approved Suntech dealers such as Solar Mad are supported by teams in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The Suntech connection with Australia is strong. The company founder studied his Ph.D. at the UNSW in Sydney and Suntech still have extensive R&D agreements with UNSW, ANU and Monash University.

Suntech’s high-efficiency products are independently verified with VDE certified Product Quality, Enhanced Hail, Salt Mist Corrosion, Extended wind loading and are PID Free.


All products boast industry leading IP68 junction boxes, quad bus bar technology, and are backed by a 12-year manufacturing and 25-year Power Output Warranty.

Suntech’s focus is on the development and production of perfect solar modules. Innovative technology and real-life performance of our modules take centre stage, as well as the benefit they provide to our customers.

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