A solar system, regardless of the size, is only as good as the parts it's made from and the workmanship that assembled those parts. We are confident that we have both elements exactly right.


When we first started trading, we used to sell five different brands of panels however, over the years we’ve come to realise that there is no substitute for quality. Using cheaper, lower rated panels may save money in the short term but the reliability is significantly compromised and failures are common.


Since 2016 we have only recommended and sold panels manufactured by LG Solar and Suntech.


LG is clearly the leader in this sector and makes world class solar panels to the highest possible level of tolerance. Suntech panels provide a strong option and are also a Tier 1 accredited panel.​

As with panels, Solar Mad only works with the leading and most reliable brands of inverters which we know and trust:


  • Fronius who are recognised as the leader in this category;

  • SMA which represent the very best of German engineering, and;

  • Enphase, who produce the world’s most advanced micro-inverter technology for solar systems.

Same goes for solar hot water, solar power batteries, solar pumps ... you get the idea.


Click on the relevant links in this section to find out a little bit more about each of the brands we sell and install.