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At Solar Mad we are experts in installing solar systems for farms and

agribusiness. For the past decade we’ve specialised in managing all aspects of solar system design and installation for rural and agricultural businesses across south-western NSW and northern Victoria.

Solar power allows farmers to significantly lower operating costs and position their business for the next generation of primary producers.


Food and fibre producers (especially irrigators and those who move water) along with food processors and cold-storage facilities have turned to Solar Mad to deliver significant efficiencies and savings.


With over 10MW’s installed in the agriculture sector, Solar Mad is the experienced choice. 

We’ve installed hundreds of solar systems on farms and farm related businesses varying in size between 10kW and 350kW. And we have the capacity to install even larger systems if required. We undertake all installations using our own extremely qualified and competent tradesmen to ensure that your system is right first time.

We installed countless ground-mount and shed mounted systems on dry area, mixed cropping and irrigated properties but where we really excel is with unique challenges.


We have configured some very intricate and powerful, bespoke systems which integrate with solar pumping and drip irrigation, significant gas powered hydroponic greenhouse operations and large-scale, dam based aquaculture operations. no challenge is too difficult and the bottom line is we always, always improve the bottom line! 

If you’re interested in a solar system for your farm or agricultural business, now is a great time to move as the cost of solar systems has never been more affordable.

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