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Solar Mad continues to grow due to our focus on quality and because we always offer honest and pragmatic advice. We are also 'subject matter experts' and thoroughly understand the products, technology and the sometimes fickle nature of government policy. You don’t want to leave critical elements of your system to chance. Our systems will deliver the right renewable energy solution for your situation and which will give you a return on your investment for years to come.

Solar is a long term investment, so if you’re looking for service beyond the sale and to do business with a company here for the long haul, you should consider Solar Mad. Many solar businesses have come and gone over the past decade but we are still here .... and we're not going anywhere! Unlike many 'door-to-door' solar businesses who view the solar sector as a quick win, we choose to design a high quality solar systems with high quality panels, inverters and mounting equipment built to stand the test of time.

In today’s world, there's an increasing need to introduce cleaner, greener sources of energy and solar is a large part of this solution. It's also now more affordable than ever and Solar Mad is committed to providing solar technology at the sharpest possible price. We love the rural lifestyle in the Riverina (one of our Directors, Brian actually grew up on farm in Yenda) however, when it comes to business, we have a strict ‘no cowboys’ policy. We never sub-contract work to out-of-town installers or fly-by-night tradies like some other solar businesses. All of our staff are Solar Mad people and they are fully qualified and licensed to undertake solar installation.

One of our Directors, Darren Maddison is an Accredited Installer through the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and we employ a fully licensed electrician on every project to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality workmanship. For about six years until 2017 we were the only registered business accredited to install and service solar in Griffith and surrounds. Darren’s credentials can be seen here:


Not only are we accredited with the CEC as an Installer but we are also a Member business and an Accredited Retailer which is a title only given to solar businesses who have proven their commitment to the sector, service standards and excellent workmanship over time.

Last but certainly not least, we are genuinely interested in our customers and assisting them with their energy needs. Many Solar Mad customers will attest to our willingness to listen to your needs and fulfill them. We have garnered a reputation for our commitment and enthusiasm behind each and every solar project we install, having continued to assist the growth and development of our industry and the customers we serve.

It's important to note that our on-going success and our great reputation has also resulted in Solar Mad being recognised as a preferred supplier for LG Solar panels and SMA inverters. This means our customers get access to exclusive products and benefits including an extended warranty.

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