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At Solar Mad we have gained good experience over the past few years designing and installing PV system for school and government owned assets including public swimming pools, visitor information centres, council chambers, maintenance depots and other public owned properties. 

We've completed work for the Department of Education in NSW, Victoria and the ACT as well as numerous local councils in the western and southern parts of the Riverina.

Councils are always looking a ways to minimise costs and are opting for solar power more often, especially when constructing new buildings and infrastructure. 

In winning these jobs we are always required to partake in a competitive process and submit a very thorough tender document which takes into account our great track record, high standard of workmanship, the well known, reliable brands we use, our commitment to after sale service and the overall value we provide.

Here's a selection of public buildings that we've added solar to in the past few years. We've also undertaken a significant amount of work for local aboriginal Land Councils to place solar on several of their buidlings.


Council assets 

Hillston Pool 

Hillston Creative Arts Council

Darlington Point Museum


Coleambally Preschool

Charles Weston Primary School (Coombs, ACT)

Margaret Hendry Public School (North Gungahlin, ACT)

Griffith Post School Options

Griffith Preschool Kindergarten

Griffith East Preschool

St Patrick’s Primary School Griffith

Marian Catholic College Griffith

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