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Boasting a perfect appearance with their stylish and affordable design, featuring charming and simple lines that enhance any installation.  LONGi sets itself apart with its unique technology, with an impressive efficiency rate.  

Thanks to enhanced light absorption, these panels ensure optimal conversion even in low light conditions. 

Plus, customers can rest assured with a 25-year product and performance warranty. Not only 25 yrs on residential roofs but also commercial roofs.

LONGi Panels are engineered for compatibility with mainstream inverters ensuring excellent performance across various setups. 

As the world's most valuable solar technology company, LONGi is committed to innovation and sustainable development, making them the ideal choice for your solar energy needs. 



SMA is the most popular make of inverters in Australia. Founded in the very early days of solar power in 1981 they represent the very best of German engineering.  SMA makes fantastic inverters which are renowned throughout the solar industry for their reliability. Check any review site and you will see they are at the top of the tree when it comes to performance and longevity.

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Enphase supplies the world’s most advanced microinverter technology for solar systems. Their solution combines innovation in power electronics, networking and web-based software to make solar systems smarter and more efficient. Enphase’s proven microinverter technology enables flexible designs and cost-effective installations. These microinverters generate more solar power with a system that’s easy to design, simple to install, and safer for both installers and owners. Enphase’s microinverter technology delivers more kilowatt-hours daily, monthly and yearly - even through the partial shade of clouds, trees, or structural obstructions. Plus, it increases up-time by eliminating the single point of failure common to traditional inverters.


Founded in Austria at the end of WW2, Fronius started out as a small, electrical engineering business. In the early 90’s the business become one of the first businesses to manufacture products for the solar sector on a commercial scale and have since become arguably the best known and most recognised inverter brand in the world with operations in over 60 countries. Fronius inverters are manufactured in 33 different power categories to guarantee performance of any system size from a family home to a large-scale commercial system.

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