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At Solar Mad we recommend that all new customers implement monitoring software so they can see how their system is performing and the best in the business by far is Solar Analytics. Solar Analytics is an Australian software company founded by solar industry veterans, data scientists, developers and passionate PV experts.

The Solar Analytics software will alert you to potential faults, failures or under-performance.

It also ensures you keep your solar system performing at its best in order to generate the very best value from your investment. Solar Analytics allows you to optimise energy consumption by aligning energy use with your available solar. Knowing how much free energy from the sun you’re using every day translates into real dollar savings.

It reports in real time and lets you see:

  • Solar production levels                                         

  • Home energy consumption

  • System performance analysis                               

  • System fault notificationsSavings through solar used                                   

  • Savings through solar exportedConfigurable savings data (for bill checking)         

  • Battery monitoring

  • Battery-ready notification                                       

  • Monthly reports

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