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We have partnered with Plenti to offer low interest loans with repayments starting from just $26 per week for a 5kW system or $46 a week for a 10kW system. Or if you want to add a Tesla solar battery to your existing set-up you can do that for only $58 per week.

A renewable energy loan can be used to fund the purchase and installation of approved clean energy products, helping you lower your power bills while also supporting the environment. Renewable energy loans provide a lower interest rate than traditional personal loans with loan amounts ranging from $2000 to $45,000 and terms from three to seven years.

Funded through peer-to-peer lending, Plenti's renewable energy loans connect investors with borrowers using clever technology to cut out the inefficiencies of traditional lenders and enable faster, sharper deals on purchases of renewable energy products.

Some other installers offer solar specific finance, but they don’t give you the full benefit because they keep whatever your system exports to the grid at the end of each day and you get no income for any unused solar power. With Plenti you get the full benefit from the system as soon as it is installed, and the meter is changed.

The process of securing a loan is relatively quick and easy. And everyone is considered, it doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or a self-funded retiree, as long as you can prove regular and consistent income. Standard lending approval conditions apply.

If you are interested in learning more, call the office today on 6964 0976 today or visit

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