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Frustrated by poor phone reception at your home, farm or business? Internet speeds driving you crazy?

Solar Mad has solutions to improve your phone signal and internet range and speed.

Like Cel-fi! Which boosts even the weakest mobile phone signal.

And wireless solutions to extend your internet coverage.

Don’t get mad about poor internet and bad phone reception …See the team at Solar Mad instead!


Essentially CelFi finds any available mobile phone signal and then BOOSTS it to improve the quality and reliability of the signal. Very handy while travelling! But it's great for your home or farm too! 

There are different types of units that suit different circumstances including boosting a signal:
  • Inside a home or building
  • Across a defined area (such as a farm)
  • Inside a vehicle as a mobile solution 
You can also find a stack of additional information about how and where it's used HERE
We're selling large numbers of these systems to local businesses, farmers and consumers. The feedback we've been receiving shows we know how effective this system is. 
Speak to our team today!
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