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There are times you need solar power on the go.

So at Solar Mad we fit solar panels for trucks, 4WD vehicles, trailers, motor homes and caravans - both hard top and pop top. These systems provide clean, consistent electricity for all types of off-site and emergency applications – wherever and whenever it’s needed.


Unlike generators, they are completely silent and a far more economical long term than portable fossil fuel power generators and they are far more reliable than using car or truck batteries.

On larger spaces, and almost always utilising standard roof racks, the solar panel is spaced above the roof to allow light travelling around and through the solar panel to reflect onto the rear surface of the bi-facial panel to produce additional power. The space also allows air flow under the panel to reduce operating temperatures and increase power output.

Our method of installation ensures there are no water leaks and no risk of solar panels flying off when driving. Our custom brackets follow the contour of the roof to create an extremely reliable bond.

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