Additional services


Tesla charging station 

To promote our association with Tesla Solar Batteries we bought a Tesla vehicle

to town in mid 2017. In order to get it back to Sydney, we needed to build our

own charging station and from time to time we are pleased to offer this service

to Tesla owners who find themselves in the MIA with no way to charge their car.

To the best of our knowledge we are the only EV charging station in the Griffith

area. Just another way we go above and beyond at the Solar Mad Group! Here's 

our link on the Plugshare site:

Engraved Labels (Traffollyte machine)

When we purchased our electronic retail business in 2014 we inherited an engraving

machine and many local businesses continue to call on us for their industrial tags

and labels. We pride ourselves on making sure that your tags and labels are right,

every time. We provide commercial labels and tags for a variety of industries and

welcome the opportunity to create the industrial tags and labels you need for your

business.Whether you need tags or labels for electrical switchboards, machinery

or HVAC applications, we can create the exact tag or label you need to meet not

only your specifications but to ensure they also meet all legal requirements for your

industry. Call us today to find out how we can help your business.

Catch Power

This clever, Australian designed and owned product ensures you squeeze the most out of your investment in solar panels. In short,  by installing Catch Power inside your meter box you take control of the electricity your solar is creating. The software takes any excess electricity that would normally be sent back out to the grid and redirects it into your hot water tank, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

What you need to use Catch Power:


  • 1.5kW or larger solar system

  • An electric hot water system

  • A fare chunk of your solar being exported

  • A reliable internet connection




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