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You may live or work in an area where it's either too expensive or too far out of the way to connect mains power?


An off-grid system could be an economical solution.

Advances in wind and solar power over the years have seen

major improvements to off grid technology so it’s now cheaper

and more efficient than ever. Just because you’re living in or

operating a business in a remote location, doesn’t mean you

need to sacrifice creature comforts or compromise production. 

Speak to us today about your specific use case and we’ll be

able to find a solution.

When it come to 'off the grid' we have a few other products that prove very handy as well. We sell HEI solar lighting to suit a range of applications including lighting for pathways and roads as well as temporary and remote work sites


For the home or office building, we also stock and sell solar sky lights from Illume, which are perfect for adding light in enclosed spaces, and solar vents from Kimberley Products which clear warm air from for the roof cavity significantly reducing the internal room temperature and reducing the load on air- conditioning units.

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