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Thousands of people across Australia open their electricity bill each day and discover an amount that seems to get bigger each and every quarter! 

Many suffer from BILL SHOCK!

Solar is a feel-good investment. It’s good for your back pocket, good for the planet ...... switching to solar power means you’ll use far less power from the main grid which means your bill shock will be greatly reduced. 

Converting to solar energy not only saves you money, but can have a positive effect on your property value. 

We'll work closely with you to determine the best solar solution for your lifestyle and the aspect of your property and then give you a free, no obligation detailed quote before you choose to proceed. We handle all the paperwork and provide you with comprehensive customer care after the installation to ensure you are completely comfortable with your new solar energy system.

Given your hot water system is one of the biggest users of electricity, you can also opt to run with a solar hot water heater. This will give you unlimited free hot water, warmed with the power of the sun, and will have a considerable impact on your electricity bill.


Tesla Powerwall Battery

Solar Mad is an authorised re-seller and a certified installer for the Tesla Powerwall. 

Powerwall is a battery designed to store energy, so you can use it anytime to power your home, business, electric vehicle, pumps and other farm equipment. Use it at night when the sun isn’t shining, or when the power is out during an outage, then recharge when the sun rises or the grid turns back on!

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Simple steps to getting your home set-up for Solar!

Solar Mad has a proven formula for getting you into solar with a minimal fuss and maximum impact.

STEP 1 – Provide your last two energy bills for a thorough analysis and obligation free quote.

STEP 2 –  Solar Mad will design a system that suits your budget & lifestyle. We’ll take of the design and placement of your solar panels ensuring maximum exposure to sunlight. 

STEP 3 –  Book an installation date and place a 15% deposit. With the balance due upon completion.

STEP 4 –  We install your system; typically it takes a few days depending on the size.

STEP 5 –  We organise an Authorised Service Provider to install your meter.

STEP 6 – Your system is connected and you start saving!

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